About Us

About Us

Choosing a firm to produce your event is a major decision, and in working with an industry so obscured from the public eye, your knowledge of value and what to look for in a production firm takes paramount importance. 

The Difference 

We provide genuinely turn-key service for private, corporate, and non-profit clients around the globe. Our approach focuses on helping you book the best talent, while we stage the production to exceptional standards.


Our clients regularly come to us with specific performers in mind, and we also provide thoughtful consultation for clients open to suggestion, matching our unparalleled access to talent to the needs of your organization, your venue, your budget, and importantly, your values.


Once a show is booked, we take great pride in our ability to take care of every aspect of production, with the excellence that can only come from a team of seasoned professionals. We handle everything - from lighting and labor to staging and sound. We free you to focus on your organization and guests, confident that your production is in safe, experienced hands. 

Not all production firms are equal - access to talent is a key indicator of quality, and not everyone has it. Access is built over time, on a foundation of ethics, client satisfaction, and competence.


Celebrity Talent Productions holds the distinction of being one of only a handful of production companies William Morris Endeavor - the world's leading talent representatives - refer corporate and private clients to when in need of a producer. It is a distinction earned over decades. When corporate or private clients call William Morris Endeavor to book talent, William Morris often calls us. 


Simply put, there are few organizations on the planet that can match our access to the performers you want to see - because there are few organizations that match our reputation for quality, ethics, and client satisfaction. 

Quality of production, unparalleled access to talent, global experience, ethics, and tailored expertise are what separate us from other firms.


Client satisfaction is of critical importance to us - whether your audience is twenty of your closest friends and family, or thousands of colleagues, you will get a phenomenal and unforgettable experience with us.  Understanding how to work with spaces, how to work with people, and how to work with artists and their representation are each a very big part of creating that amazing experience.


From the biggest seven-figure stars to the most cost-effective headliners, Celebrity Talent Productions can help make your event a success. Call us. Let's discuss what we can do for you.